Reminder: When The World Changes “Different Is Required”

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What was true when your current system was designed?  Stop for just a moment and think about it.  When your current system was designed, what was true about your congregation?  What was true about the community?  What was true about the culture?  Okay…it will take you longer than a moment…but you need to see this.  If you’re still operating the way you were before the world changed, you shouldn’t expect systems to have the same effect.

Here’s an example.  There was a time when church-goers drove into town in a wagon, stayed at church all day, and then drove back to their home that night.  They had a church service.  They went to a Sunday school class.  They ate “dinner on the grounds.”  They went to an evening service.  And then at the end of the day they went home.  How much of your system is a relic of that time?

The introduction of TiVO and DVRs has changed the way the culture views media.  Fewer and fewer people watch television in real time.  We watch hour long programs like Lost or 24 in 42 minutes.  And yet…many of us are still using systems designed for a time when church-goers would drive into town in a wagon…

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