Where do you get personal ministry coaching?

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It takes all kinds.

You might be the kind of person that skips over or avoids personal questions.

But if you are that kind of person…I want to encourage you to spend 5 minutes and think about a few important ministry things.

Can you do that?

Okay? Good.

Here are today’s questions:

Are you getting ministry coaching? Or are you kind of on your own to develop?

What is the format of the ministry coaching you’re getting?

Are you grabbing what coaching you can by reading? Maybe books and blogs like this one?

Listening to podcasts or watching videos?

Maybe a better question is, How do you get personal ministry coaching? You know, the kind of ministry coaching that answers your questions about building a thriving small group ministry. Where do you get that?

Maybe you’re participating in a local huddle of small group pastors and directors? Or perhaps you know someone who’s leading a small group ministry and ahead of you in experience, knowledge and skill?

Do you have access to that?

How’s that working?

What about the kind of personal ministry coaching that anticipates the questions you should be asking?

I don’t know about you, but it was really important for me and my development to get access to an expert that were pretty far down the road.

Do you have that?

Yes? Awesome! I’m glad to hear it. With that kind of access you can take your small group ministry where it needs to go.

No? Don’t have that kind of access?

I’m sorry to hear that!

I know, sometimes access is just unavailable.

You may not know anyone to ask for help.

You may not know where or how to begin.

You may not have a budget that provides for coaching.

And if any or all of these things are true…I’m sorry to hear it, but I think I can help and I’d like to help!

Here’s how I can help:

If you don’t have access to personal ministry coaching, you really need to consider joining GroupLife Insider. I’m serious!

GroupLife Insider gives you access to

  • My entire mini-course library
  • Opportunities to join me 2 or 3 times a month for Office Hours (ask the questions you need to ask)
  • GLI Briefings on important small group ministry topics
  • Discounts on coaching calls and consulting
  • Discount on GroupLife Southwest registrations (my small group ministry conference)

GroupLife Insider is really affordable! (and it’s on sale through 3/17/18)

The regular price for a one year membership is just $150 (and until 3/17/18 a one year membership is on sale for $125!). No matter how you slice it, THAT is a bargain! After all, look at what you have access to!

What’s stopping you from signing up?

If you’re still reading…thanks for taking a few minutes to invest in a little personal reflection!

I mean it. I think it’s important for all of us to do.

But I also want to encourage you to invest in yourself!

If you’re not yet a GroupLife Insider member, would you at least check it out? You’ll be glad you joined (or you’ll get a full refund).

And if you don’t have access to personal coaching and you don’t join GLI…maybe we need to talk some more!

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