Why Some Groups Jell…And Some Don’t

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sticky_churchLet’s get this out of the way right from the start.  I loved Sticky Church by Larry Osborne and got a ton out of it.  The measure of a book for me is how marked up and bent up it is when I’m finished.  This is one that is packed with valuable takeaways.

An overall aspect of the book that I love is its pragmatic, real world tone.  When you’re talking small group ministry, you’ll run into idealism on a pretty frequent basis.  Osborne is not into idealism.  This is a very practical book based on what is working at North Coast.  That’s huge!

Chapter 10: Why Some Groups Jell and Some Don’t leads off a very practical section.  And I have to give a little bit of a warning.  Don’t be spooked by section title, “Sermon Based Groups.”  What you’ll find in this section is a great resource packed with very transferable principles…whether you’re going down the sermon based road or not.

The two big rocks in chapter ten ought to be part of your small group philosophy whatever style you choose.  Larry Osborne is simply laying out the principle groups have greater impact when they’re the right size and include the right people.  What size is the right size?  Who are the right people?  You’ll have to pick up the book!

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