Will you join me and hundreds of others at GroupLife Southwest ’19?

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Will You Join Me (and hundreds of others) for GroupLife Southwest '19?

I hope you’re planning to join us for GroupLife Southwest! And I really hope you’ll take advantage of the Super Early Bird Price of $109 (through 10/31/18)!!!

But why should you join us at the GroupLife Southwest conference?

That is a great question! Here's why you should join us in Las Vegas this October for this conference:

1. You read my blog for a reason! I know that may sound like a weird thing to say right off, but isn't it true? If you weren't learning the things you need to know, you would have stopped reading here a long time ago! Right? And I organize the conference!

2. I've invited a powerful lineup of trusted small group ministry experts and leading practitioners to offer timely breakouts on the topics that you need to know about and will benefit greatly from! This years speakers include Mindy Caliguire, Tim Cooper, Bill Donahue, Dave Enns, Ben Reed, Chris Surratt, Bill Willits and me! (I am very confident this is the best speaker lineup for a small group ministry conference this year). See the full list right here.

3. Hang out with hundreds of small group practitioners! I learn more from the people I meet during the breaks at conferences every time I go. We've built in long breaks between sessions and on-campus lunches both day. (and we're adding a couple extras this year to make interaction easier).

4. Las Vegas in April! Trust me, April is one of the best times to come to Vegas. The weather is beautiful (average temp is 82° / 59°!

Do you know what’s timeless and what’s timely? Learn the principles and practices that are making grouplife work in the 21st century.

You can find out more at GroupLifeSouthwest.com.

Listen, I'd love it if you'd join us. Don't miss a great conference!


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