Will You Take Advantage of RE:GROUP 2020?

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Will you take advantage of RE:GROUP 2020?

RE:GROUP is North Point Ministries small group ministry conference and in my opinion has been the BEST small group ministry conference every time it's been offered.

And this year it's being offered ONLINE!

That's right. For the first time the RE:GROUP small group ministry conference is happening online. All of it!

Now, one of the things we've loved about RE:GROUP has been the opportunity to gather with hundreds of small group ministry champions (staff and volunteers) from around the country.

But while we loved the opportunity to gather, we are VERY excited about the opportunity to share the experience with so many of our volunteers who wouldn't be able to attend if it was happening in Atlanta.

So...we're planning to save on travel expenses and time away from family, and take advantage of what we truly believe is the BEST small group ministry conference going.

My friend Bill Willits, North Point Ministries' Chief Wampa Bampa of small group ministry (a.k.a. Executive Director of Ministry Environments) asked me to post the following note:

Hi Friends:

You probably know that I have been blessed to be part of the small groups world for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve hosted many “ReGroup Conferences” at one of our Atlanta campuses where we’ve seen God use it to inspire, challenge and equip church leaders from around the world. This year, we decided to imagine how we could serve even more people than ever. Apparently, we were a bit ahead of the curve, because that process led us last Fall to the idea of hosting a digital-only, on-demand re:group conference that’s 100% online.
From May 4-17, participants will get 24/7 online access to 60+ speakers on 100+ small groups topics in master classeslive keynotes, and live Q&A’s all for just $20/person.
Participating churches can even leverage re:group 2020 to host training sessions for their staff and/or volunteers. We’ll have content tracks and downloadable discussion questions designed to help teams learn and grow together. You can learn more about re:group 2020 here (including all topics). I hope you can join us because now more than ever, life really is better connected.

I hope this helps you take a few minutes and check out RE:GROUP 2020! It's the BEST small group ministry conference and with this year's online conference, EVEN BETTER. You can find out more right here.

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