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I’m not sure about you, but as a small group pastor I’m always looking for better ways to develop small group leaders.

Because I’ve been writing small group leader skill training articles for about a decade, if I want to help my leaders learn a particular skill, I just have to find the right article and send it to my leaders (or hand it to them at a leader development event).

For example, when I want my leaders to help their group members learn to pray together, I share this article with them.

And when I want my leaders to learn how to find new members for their group, I share this article with them.

I regularly share my small group leader skill training articles with my own small group leaders.

Of course, you’ve always been able to either print copies of my articles or send your leaders an email with the link to my article.

But, would you be interested in an easy way to develop your small group leaders?

I’m launching a new email series that will help equip small group leaders with a different essential skill every month. And it’s free.

You can sign up for it. But you can also sign up your leaders for it or send them the link to where they can sign up.

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