Yesterday’s Big Idea (Literally)

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I think this is a big idea.  You might already be on to it, but it was big to me.

Usually, when I tell you about the latest and greatest idea it’s pretty well baked.  That is, we’ve already tested it or we’re about to tweak a strategy that we think you might like to know about.  Yesterday at Day 2 of re:group I heard something that I think connects a pretty important dot.  And I want to bring you along on the idea as it unfolds.

Here’s the scoop:

On Day 1 of re:group, in a breakout called “Clearing the Path for Community” by Chris Kim, we caught the idea of shaping the training that we do to center on the three stages of a small group leader:

  1. Relational leadership… think HOST and help create a safe place for people to start trusting.
  2. Developmental leadership… think CRUISE DIRECTOR and plan ahead with ideas to build ownership.
  3. Visionary leadership… think MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER and help group members want to multiply into more groups.

It was a comment that seemed to come out of nowhere and wasn’t in the notes, but we immediately thought, “What a concept!”

On Day 2 of re:group, in a breakout called, “Developing Leaders Who Lead Well” by Justin Elam, I caught a reference to 8 tactical essentials (think things you’d want a leader to know at certain stages along their journey).  Here’s what I wrote down:

Stage One:  Cultivate Relationships and Promote Participation.

Stage Two: Stay Connected, Provide Care, Serve Together, and Celebrate Change.

Stage Three: Replace Yourself and End Well.

Remember, adults learn on a need to know basis.  Don’t these tactical essentials feel like things adults will want to know when they’re at these stages?

*Chris Kim probably had another term for a beginner leader, but I missed it.

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  1. George on October 29, 2014 at 8:38 am

    I’m sorry, I must be dense! But I am still not sure what your “Big Idea or Great Concept” was. It wasn’t identified in the article

  2. markchowell on October 29, 2014 at 9:51 am

    Probably not dense! More likely, you’re just already on to developing leader training that keys on their developmental stage. I found the ideas presented in the two breakouts to be genius and am already working to develop the concept here.