You Are Here…

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We've all experienced the directional map in an unfamiliar shopping mall or theme park, right?

You're looking for the Apple Store or the Starbucks or the rollercoaster and you need to figure out how to get there from where you are. look for the big red star on the directional map that says, "YOU ARE HERE."

Once you figure out where you are, it's easy to chart a path to where you want to go.

With me?

Have you ever arrived somewhere new and not been able to find the directional map?

And finding your way to the right store or restaurant was really hard? Maybe you asked for directions and still got turned around and ended up right back where you began! Or...maybe you gave up and went home.

With almost 2500 articles here at it is not always easy to find what you need.

Sure, you can try clicking the little magnifying glass in the upper right corner (Yep...that's the search box). Or you can click Start Here on the menu bar.

But it's still tough to get where you want to go.

In part because where you are plays such an important role in determining how to get where you hope to end up!

Today, I'm creating a way that you can tell me where you are so I can help you take the next steps that lead to where you want to go.

If you'll take a moment and tell me a little bit about where you are and where you need to go, I'll do my best (over the next couple weeks) to help you find the articles and resources that will help you take the right next steps.

Take a minute and complete my 5 question survey! Click here to begin!


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