Looking for a New Church-Wide Campaign?

I post new information about available church-wide campaigns every year.  The latest information is in The Latest on Church-Wide Campaigns (2012).

WhyLooking for a new church-wide campaign?  Who isn’t?!! One of the results of campaigns like the 40 Days of Purpose is that many churches have woken up to the potential of supplying their small groups with material that accompanies their message series.  Often referred to as an alignment, getting everyone in your congregation involved in the same thing provides a breakthrough opportunity for churches seeking to have impact.  Although an increasing number of churches are producing their own small group material, there are some real advantages to using off-the-shelf campaigns:

  • You’ll benefit from higher production values than you could develop in-house
  • Your energies can be directed to implementing the campaign
  • Available campaigns often feature plug-and-play marketing materials (mailers, banners, bulletin shells, invitations, etc.)
  • There is often a higher level of creativity in the design and presentation

Because of the tremendous potential of a campaign, there are more available now and more on the way!  Some of the most interesting new campaigns are:

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