20 Frequently Asked Questions about Small Group Coaching

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Do you have a question or two about small group coaching?  Maybe you’re nostril deep in the swamp of trying to build an effective coaching structure.  Maybe you’ve just run into a snag.  And maybe you’ve given up altogether.

If you’re trying to build an effective coaching structure, don’t give up!  Remember, whatever you want to happen in the lives of your the members in your groups has to happen in your leaders’ lives first.  And that almost always means…you need to build an effective coaching structure.

Here are 20 frequently asked questions…and the articles I’ve written to answer them.

  1. Who makes a good small group coach?  6 Essential Characteristics of an Effective Small Group Coach.
  2. What are the basic ideas in small group coaching?  7 Core Ideas in Small Group Coaching.
  3. How can I diagnose the coaches in my coaching structure?  Diagnosis: The Coaches in Your System.
  4. I can’t find enough coaches.  Should I lower my standards a little?  Recruiting Coaches: When Not to Compromise.
  5. How can we recruit enough coaches to care for the new hosts we add with a church-wide campaign?  Recruiting additional coaches for church-wide campaigns.
  6. How do I build an effective coaching structure?  How to Build an Effective Coaching Structure.
  7. How many small group leaders can be cared for by a coach.  Span of Care.
  8. Do you have a job description for a small group coach?  Small Group Coach Job Description.
  9. What does a coach actually do?  FAQ: How Much of Coaching Is about Technique?
  10. What kind of structure should we be trying to build?  What does small group coaching look like in your preferred future?
  11. What is the end in mind for small group coaching?  Imagine If Your Coaching Structure Was Like This.
  12. How do I establish coaching for existing small group leaders?  How to Implement Coaching for Existing Leaders and How to Add Value to Experienced Small Group Leaders.
  13. What do I do when my leaders don’t want a coach?  What to Do When Your Leaders Don’t Want a Coach?
  14. What causes small group coaching to fail?  5 Assumptions that Set Small Group Coaching Up to #FAIL.
  15. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned about coaching?  5 Things I Wish I Had Known about Small Group Coaching.
  16. How can I develop the coaches in my system?  7 Practices for Discipling and Developing Your Coaches.
  17. What is Saddleback’s plan for small group coaching?  Steve Gladen on Saddleback’s Leadership Pathway.
  18. What should I do about coaches that don’t do what’s needed?  What To Do about Underperforming Coaches?
  19. What are the best books on small group coaching?  Resources that Equip Coaches.
  20. Where do you find coaches?  Where Can I Find New Coaches?

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How to Build an Effective Coaching Structure

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