Add These Projects to Your To Do List (Before Summer)

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2 weeks ago I posted 5 Things You Can Do NOW that Produce WAY More Groups in September.  Whether you acted on that list or not, here are the projects you should be starting before summer:

1. Pitch or Plan a Fall Church-Wide Campaign

If you haven't pitched or planned a fall church-wide campaign...NOW is the time to do it. A church-wide campaign is the very best way to connect the largest number of unconnected people and start the most new groups. And fall is the very best time to leverage the exponential power of a church-wide campaign.

It's not too late, but you really need to act now. Campaigns are all-in kinds of things. Obviously, your senior pastor and teaching team must be on board and in this discussion. That is a given. But, because a campaign is church-wide, don't wait any longer! You want to grab the other areas of your church's ministry to maximize the impact.

I can help you several ways.

Second, MAXIMIZE YOUR CHURCH-WIDE CAMPAIGN - 2020 is a start-to-finish online-course that really does help take the complication out of this strategy.

Third, CHURCH-WIDE CAMPAIGN COACHING is a personal coaching program that is customized to your unique situation. I've been doing this with a few churches every year for the last 10 years.

2. Identify and Recruit Additional Coaches

If you've recognized the importance of building an effective coaching structure...NOW is the time to make a list of the best possible candidates and recruit them to a test-drive!

There is no better time than right before summer hits to make a list of high capacity candidates, make appointments for coffee or a meal, and begin having the conversations that lead to yes!

Listen. All churches have people who have been gifted to lead leaders. Yours is no exception!

Need help? My most popular mini-course is BUILDING AN EFFECTIVE COACHING STRUCTURE – 2019. Even if you've tried more than once, this four-session online course will help you get it done. And NOW is the time to make it happen.

3. Find the Stories that Cast Vision for Community

You have success stories about the power of community! Whether you know it or not, the most powerful advertisements for community is not an announcement (verbal or print) and it's not something your senior pastor says. The most powerful advertisement is a satisfied customer.

Finding those stories now can lead to testimonies that get right to the heart of the matter. And once you're at the heart...making the ask, inviting test-drives is an entirely different thing.

How to Develop Video or Live Testimony that Recruits Members or Leaders is one of my most popular posts. It provides a how-to AND several examples.

Special Note: Take Advantage of GroupLife Insider!

You can pick up both of the mini-courses I mention above AND get a discount on campaign coaching by purchasing a one-year membership to GroupLife Insider (my membership site).

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