Big News for the Howells, the future is bright

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After almost 10 years at Canyon Ridge and in Las Vegas, as well as stops in Chicago, northern California, and two in southern California, the Howells are packing up and preparing to relocate (and return) to the great state of Texas. Debbie is a native. Our grandkids are there (and so are their parents). We're looking forward to humidity (okay, not). But we are looking forward to not having to water the jalapeños and tomatoes just to keep them alive one more day. And we're looking forward to green in general.

On a side note, Texas invented the kind of barbecue I'm selling here in Las Vegas.

Everything I've written above is true.

But we're also looking forward to greater opportunity to help the growing number of churches that just want a little help.

My last day on staff at Canyon Ridge is August 22nd. When my season here is done I'll be much more free to do some of the coaching and consulting that's become harder to fit in over the last few years.

I'll still be writing here at I'll still be creating new video courses. I'll still be available for 60 minute coaching calls.

A lot of things will feel the same, it'll just be happening from the Central Time Zone 😉

Seriously, we've made some great friends, had some really good experiences here in the desert and in the great city of Las Vegas.

It's just time to move to where we sense there is a wide open door for ministry in the next season.

You can EMAIL ME and get somethin goin on.

Mark and Debbie

P.S. There will be barbecue too.

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