Day Eleven

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A few days have passed since I landed here 11 days ago.  Here’s the big point of the day: If you have a place you want to get to, getting everyone talking about it is not enough.  Everyone talking is not a step in the right direction until they’re using a language that means the same thing to everyone in the room and on the journey.  It’s an endless process. 

Want to end up in the preferred future?  Got to have the same place in mind.  Want to end up in a very particular "there?"  Everyone has to understand the actual destination and embrace the path that leads to that "there."  This is very similar to the recognition that all paths do not lead to heaven.  They don’t.  Same way that all paths don’t lead to "there."  They don’t.  Getting to there involves vigilant, diligent and tactful but firm course correction.

  • Vigilant: Watch out for subtle compromise on the destination.  You’ll probably know it when you hear it.  Waiting to talk later or down the road is never a good idea.
  • Diligent: This is a moment-by-moment commitment.  You cannot take your eye off of this ball, even for a moment.
  • Tactful: There’s no reason to play down the truth, but you can be insistent and still kind and gentle.
  • Firm: Clarifying the subtle difference requires a firm and steady hand.  The temptation will be to first look away and then downplay it even when hearing deviation.  That is never the solution.  Clarify.  Restate.  Insist on the destination.  You don’t have to be mean.  You can be gentle and still firm.
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