Day One

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I began a new phase in my ministry run yesterday.  I’ll still be consulting and coaching churches around the country, but I’ve joined the team at Adventure Christian Church to help take their small group ministry to a new level.  At this point they have weekend attendance of around 3500 and only about 30 groups. 

Had my first day in the office on Tuesday.  Here’s what I did to begin:

  • Met with the IT Director and Communications Director to lay the groundwork for the small group finder and data that I’ll need in September.
  • Made an appointment to meet with two longer term staffers who will be able to help me identify the hundred-fold team that I’ll need to sustain the groups we launch in September.
  • Met with the Executive Pastor to talk about the summer and fall calendar.

Today it’s back at it again.  There’s a lot to do when you’re beginning.  Most of it is about laying foundation.  Some of it is about planning the first steps in light of what the next leg in the journey will be.  Much like an Indy driver, you’ve got to come out of the first curve set up to maximize the next turn.  The biggest mistake most churches make?  They only plan for the first turn.

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