Day Two

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Day #2 is in the bag.  A good day…hammered out the fall timeline.  There are some really big keys to a launch.  You’ve got to understand that every slight deviation from the plan doesn’t change the trajectory incrementally.  No…you’ve got to see that every slight deviation changes the trajectory geometrically

Here’s what I mean.  Let’s say you’ve planned the launch to begin on a certain date, giving you time to recruit Hosts, get them to an orientation, help them fill their group, and then challenge everyone to join a group.  I know there’s a lot in that sentence, but follow me.  If you move the launch date a week earlier, you need to understand what that will mean about a lot of related pieces.  It may be no problem.  On the other hand, you cannot afford to minimize the difference it will make.  Be honest about it.

Now let’s say on top of moving the launch date one week earlier you’re also going to need to shorten the recruiting series by a week to accommodate Labor Day.  You must understand that two slight deviations can move you dramatically off the trajectory.  It’s not like moving the steering wheel one degree and then one more degree.  It’s more like moving it one and then 6 additional degrees, because of the "geometric" compounding of factors.

Key takeaway?  Don’t minimize the impact of additional deviations from the plan.  Doesn’t mean you won’t run into times when it deviation is inescapable.  Just means all the parties need to acknowledge that each instance of deviation moves the trajectory geometrically.   

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