DVD-Driven Curriculum

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Looking for a way to help more of your congregation have a toe-in-the-water experience with a small group?  You’ll find some recommended church-wide campaign ideas right here.

You can find my reviews to the newest DVD-driven curriculum right here.

Below you’ll find some of the DVD-driven small group studies that you should know about:

Experiencing Christ Together: This series was the follow-up to Lifetogether’s groundbreaking original series Doing Life Together.  It is a six-book series that features some of America’s best known Bible teachers (John Ortberg, Bruce Wilkinson, Erwin McManus, etc.)  Each book in the series contains six sessions.

Liquid: Designed specifically for your small group, LIQUID is a DVD-based experience that features five10-minute episodes in each series along with a reflections guide.  This modern-day film series mirror ancient biblical stories with emotionally provoking videos, introspective questions, and tips for leading a small group.

The Life You’ve Always Wanted by John Ortberg is a small group edition of one of his most popular books.

God is Closer Than You Think: Six Sessions on Experiencing the Presence of God: Another of Ortberg’s books presented as a small group study.

H2O: Ten episodes, ten stories, one timeless quest – to quench the thirst that burns in every human spirit. Join H2O Guide Kyle Idleman for a cinematic journey through the human experience, and find out how the offer of Living Water has the power to change everything.

3:16: The Numbers of Hope: Max Lucado digs deeply into one of the most famous and oft-quoted passages of the Bible-John 3:16. First situating it in its biblical context as part of Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus, Lucado then dissects the 26-word promise phrase by phrase, picking out key theological ideas that provide hope to Christians.


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  1. Tchengou Martin on September 23, 2010 at 4:36 am

    Praise the Lord Brother;

    For long, as a pastor of a Small churh,I have been looking foward to start with small groups but without knowing how. Thank God for your ministry and help.
    We are in Cameroon in Africa an we are hoping by January 2011 to take off with small groups.
    Please we are now looking foward to have all the necessary instructions, advices and the neessary tools or materials required for studies and training in small groups.
    We do not have the money to buy at once all this items; but we will like to have them ( in french version if possible)and bit by bit as we progress.
    Remember that we do no have credit card and wish to buy in cash, but how do we sent the money?

  2. Mark Howell on September 25, 2010 at 10:38 am

    Tchengou! Thank you for your comment here! I wish I could tell you that most of these are available in French…but I don’t think they are. As for purchasing some of these…you might look into Paypal.com. I bet you can use paypal to buy some of these items without a credit card


  3. bondChristian on April 7, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    Just a heads up, the second and forth link in the article are broken.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.