Externally Focused Small Groups

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What is a win for your small groups?  Is it a win if they simply meet regularly?  Are you hopeful that they’ll do more than just eat chips and salsa together?  Maybe you’re really hoping that the small group is actually a delivery system that leads your members in the direction of real spiritual growth?  Maybe in an effort to combat the natural drift toward a focus on fellowship and discipleship, you’re intentionally designing the experience of your groups to include some kind of balance between the 5 purposes (fellowship, discipleship, ministry, mission and worship)?

Many churches are moving in the direction of developing an External Focus.  In order to complete the move you’ll need to become much more intentional about developing Externally Focused Small Groups.  One of the best resources I’ve found is over at the Leadership Network.  Packed with great examples of churches that are already implementing the idea, it will help your small group ministry move with intention.

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