Frequently Asked Questions (about starting small groups in a Sunday School Culture)

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A well thought out FAQ is a great resource whether you’re starting a small groups ministry or launching groups through a church-wide campaign.  The questions you include can be tailored to meet the needs of your situation.  By posting the FAQ on your website or making it available at a table in your lobby you can provide consistent answers. 

Here are a few questions to get you started as you develop your own Frequently Asked Questions resource:

Why do we need a Small Group Ministry?  Great question.  Here are three keys: First, we will be able to help more of our adults get connected.  Second, off-campus groups that meet in homes will give many in our church an easy first step when it comes to inviting unchurched friends.  Third, with an off-campus strategy we will be able to help more adults grow spiritually without having to build additional educational space.

Will I be expected to be part of a Sunday School class and a small group?  Many of our adults find that their needs are being met by one of our Sunday School classes.  The important thing is that you’re connecting with a group of believers for Bible study, prayer and fellowship.

Will our Small Groups offer child care?  Each small group will develop their own solution.  Some will hire a baby sitter to watch the kids in the other room.  Some will ask the parents to arrange for their own sitter.  Others will simple take turns watching the kids.  Still others will partner with another group in the area to provide child care for each other.

I’d like to lead a small group.  Will you help me start a group?  Absolutely!  At this time there are two ways that we get groups going.  (1) If you already have a group of friends or neighbors that you’d like to do a study with, we’ll help you get started.  (2) Join us at an upcoming small group connection where we’ll be launching new groups. 


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