Host Orientations That Launch Groups

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With the launch of our own One Month to Live campaign just 2 1/2 weeks away, I thought I’d share a few secrets of a great Host Orientation…one that encourages new leaders and connects them with a coach.  I’ve tried a lot of different things, tweaked the plan multiple times, and have found that a few details can make a huge difference.  Here are the keys:

  • Send a letter to all Host sign-ups immediately after they fill out a sign-up form.  It should be from the pastor encouraging each volunteer and include the important details about the orientation(s).
  • Assign each host to a coach and have the coach call them to invite them to "sit with me at the orientation."
  • Have each coach "host" a table at the orientation and seat their hosts with them.
  • The basic format of the orientation should be: (1) welcome (90 seconds), (2) thank you for your commitment by the senior pastor (90 seconds), (3) time around tables for coaches to connect with hosts (7 to 10 minutes), (4) introduce curriculum, show ease of use, play a couple minutes of the DVD, walk through some of the keys of session one (15 to 20 minutes), (5) provide some coaching on how to invite a few of their friends to attend the group (10 minutes), (6) Q&A.

If you follow this basic format you’ll accomplish a number of important things.  First, you’ll give your pastor a time to adequately thank new hosts and recognize the coaches.  If your pastor is the one who points out the high caliber of your coaching team it will do a lot to help new hosts feel special and supported.  Second, providing some time around the tables for coaches to connect with hosts will allow them a really good face-to-face opportunity to begin an important relationship.  Last, a few minutes helping them see how easy it is to use the curriculum will greatly reduce their anxiety about facilitating.

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