1. Tim on May 3, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    Hey Mark,

    Couple of questions regarding Small Group Connection:

    1. What’s done with those in initial group that can’t meet on night/time decided?
    2. How is location decided? Does group decide this together at initial time together? Is chosen leader expected to host? Are you to have “hosts” already in place and at each table?
    3. What is transition after initial 6 weeks? I read where you intro next study at week 3 of initial study. What if leader doesn’t want to continue? What happens with rest of group? I’m sure there are times group doesn’t continue due to logistics? What do you then do?

    Thanks for being an incredible resource.


  2. Anonymous on May 4, 2011 at 2:56 am

    Great questions, Tim! First, don’t forget, this is not a problem-free solution. The connection process can have a wrinkle or two, but…I like this set of problems better than those that come with most other solutions.

    All three of your questions are legitimate and you will run into these situations. In most cases, you’ll just have to be ready to play it by ear. For example, when the group decides when to meet it occasionally happens that the majority needs a Tuesday night and one couple travels for work and needs a Friday night. If you have more than one group launching, you can often simply switch them to another group. If not, you’ll most likely have another group that you can add them to from your existing group list.

    Meeting location is selected right after they choose a day and time. It’s not unusual for one or more members to come right out and offer their home. When that doesn’t happen, a simple suggestion that they just need to choose a place to meet the very first time will get them in the game. Someone from group will step up to host. There’s no need to seed the table with a host.

    It’s definitely a good idea to choose a follow up study that you can begin telling the group about in about week 3 or 4. You may not have noticed it, but in the article I mention the fact that there is almost always more than one person chosen to lead. While there are times when one of the leaders doesn’t want to continue, there will almost always be someone else who will step up.