Live Like You Were Dying

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Inspired by the Grammy Award winning song recorded by Tim McGraw, and developed by a group of incredible church-wide campaign experts, Live Like You Were Dying offers a great experience for your congregation.

Designed to help your congregation wrestle with how to live life to the fullest, this church-wide campaign has everything you need to pull off a very impactful season in your church.  Featuring sermon transcripts developed by Lance Witt, DVD-driven small group sessions with Gary Smalley, and produced by Doug Slaybaugh (formerly president of Purpose Driven during the development of the 40 Days of Purpose) this is a just-add-water campaign.

I’ve found there are a few key factors to determining whether a given church-wide campaign is a good fit for your congregation.  Production quality, presentation style, full featured, customer service, and topic are 5 distinctives that must be evaluated for fit.

  1. Production Quality: Live Like You Were Dying is a professionally produced suite of materials.  DVD, study guide, available marketing materials, extras…all have a high-quality look and feel.
  2. Presentation Style: The DVD features Gary Smalley, acclaimed author and speaker.
  3. Full Featured: Everything you need is available in the kit.  I refer to it as a “just-add-water” campaign.  You can take a look at the kit contents right here.
  4. Customer Service: You’ll appreciate the personal attention you receive from this team.
  5. Topic: This church-wide study features a topic and presentation style that are cleanly on the easy end of the easy/hard continuum.  If you’re looking for a study that your members can invite friends and neighbors to attend…this study will be a great fit.

Final Word: I’ve heard great things from several churches who have used Live Like You Were Dying.  The fact that it is based on the Grammy Award winning song will be advantages in many areas.  Additionally, it is an advantage that it features Gary Smalley, a very recognizable name in many circles.  Also, it was developed by a very impressive team including several of the key players in the 40 Days of Purpose team.  You won’t find experience like this very often.  On the flipside, there will be churches that have less familiarity with Smalley and are not fans of country music.  All in all, I highly recommend this church-wide campaign.

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