New Church-Wide Campaign from Bill Hybels: The Power of a Whisper

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The latest church-wide campaign is a 4 week DVD-driven experience called The Power of a Whisper.  Featuring Bill Hybels and published by Zondervan, this one’s going to get a lot of use in churches that are intent on developing fully devoted Christ followers…who really are following God’s lead.

The Power of a Whisper Curriculum Kit includes one hardcover book, one participant’s guide and one DVD-ROM containing four small group video sessions, four sermon transcripts and outlines and all the church promotional materials you will need to successfully launch and sustain a four-week church experience.

Designed to help entire church communities

  • grow aware of God’s guidance
  • listen to His wisdom
  • respond in faith and bold action
  • witness the life-changing power of a whisper

I have to say, this church-wide campaign looks and sounds great!  If you’re looking for something that will help your congregation take a big step forward in their understanding of listening to God for guidance, this will make a lot of sense.

Don’t feel like this church-wide campaign quite fits the bill?  You’ll find a number of others to choose from here:

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