Organic Community

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FutureOrganic Community: Creating a Place Where People Naturally Connect

Looking for help in designing an environment that encourages authentic, lasting connections?  Organic Community by Joseph R. Myers could be just the ticket to help your congregation move in that direction.  In the same way I found Myers’ previous book, The Search to Belong, both intriguing and irritating, there’s a lot to be learned in his newest offering.  If you’ve ever attempted to follow someone else’s master plan and found that it really didn’t work in your setting, this will be a book that is both comforting and challenging.  Comforting in that it may explain some of the difficulties in porting a strategy into a new setting.  Challenging in that becoming an organizational environmentalist is not a problem-free pursuit.

This is a how-to book, “but not one with step-by-step instructions.
These pages do not contain a secret master plan only now revealed.
Herein is no promise of grand success.  This is a different kind of
how-to book.  This is a book that discusses a transition of thought
(from the introduction).”

Pointing us to the inherent problems of adopting another organization’s strategy, Myers identifies nine organizational tools “that will help you discover whether you are following a master plan approach or an organic order approach.”  This is a book that could easily be used to frame a very healthy discussion about vision and direction.  It may not fully persuade on every point, but it will definitely challenge your assumptions and provide a more thorough understanding of your environment.

Ready to get started?  You can order your copy RIGHT HERE.

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