The Big Idea Behind Small Group Coaching

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Without a doubt, the struggle to build an effective coaching structure is one of the most challenging aspects in building a thriving small group ministry. I hear this again and again. I've probably heard this over a thousand times in my 20+ years of small group ministry.

Taking my cue from Jim Collins and Great by Choice I wrote SMaC Recipe for Small Group Ministry Coaching. Recently I wrote 7 Rules at the Essence of Small Group Coaching.

Over the last few years I've written a ton of posts in the effort to make building an effective small group coaching structure easier to understand and more likely to happen. I've even created a downloadable short course to make it as easy as possible.

Still, I know it is a challenge.

Essentially, small group coaching is a big idea but a simple idea. A very simple idea.

Here's the big idea of small group coaching:

Identify, recruit and develop high capacity men and women who will invest their efforts in doing to and for (and with) leaders of groups whatever you want the leaders of groups to do to and for (and with) their members.

It's a very simple idea. It isn't easy. It is challenging to do. But it is not complicated.

  1. Identify high capacity men and women. It does require finding the right people. You can't build an effective coaching structure with warm and willing. You need hot and qualified. See also, First What, Then Who.
  2. Recruit them to the role. There's a right way and a wrong way to recruit. How you recruit makes all the difference. See also, How to Recruit a Small Group Coach: My "Secret" Formula
  3. Develop them. Once you know what you want the member experience to be, it is easy to figure out what a coach must know how to do. It is important that you understand that whatever you want to happen at the member level must happen to the leader first. See also, Life-Change at the Member Level and 7 Practices for Developing and Discipling Your Coaches.

Ready to throw in the towel? Don't! Coaching is an essential ingredient in building a thriving small group ministry. It is challenging, but it is not complicated.

How to Build an Effective Coaching Structure has helped hundreds of churches:



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