Top 10 Articles in April

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Here are the top 10 articles from April 2010 (as measured by Google Analytics):

  1. Small Group Philosophy 101
  2. Technology: Tools That Enhance GroupLife
  3. Looking for a New Church-Wide Campaign?
  4. 5 Keys to Sustaining New Groups
  5. How To Build An Annual GroupLife Calendar
  6. Skill Training: Top 10 Ways To Find New Group Members
  7. Design a System That Identifies Potential Leaders
  8. What’s The Best Way to Launch New Groups?
  9. Skill Training: Equip Leaders To Help Members Plan to Grow
  10. Skill Training: Sub-Grouping for Deeper Connection

By the way…compared to April, 2009, page views have increased by over 100%!  Thanks for reading!  If you have any ideas for upcoming articles, you can submit them as questions in my small group ministry survey right here.

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