Developing a Home-Grown Campaign

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Is your church ready for another all-church campaign?  Maybe you saw the power of the 40 Days of Purpose or Community and you’d like to recapture that momentum.  Or maybe you’ve only heard about the advantage of a church-wide campaign and you’d like your own congregation to experience that kind of unity.  Maybe the closest thing you’ve experienced has been a well-designed capital campaign that energized your people and got them on the same page.

Off-the-Shelf Campaigns

No matter the motivation, if you’re ready to plan and launch a church-wide campaign there are a couple ways you can go about it.  You could take a look at an off-the-shelf campaign.  We’ve written about a few of them right here.

Develop Your Own Campaign

Or maybe you’ve begun to think about developing your own; a home-grown effort.  There are a number of  ways to accomplish this goal.

  • Find an off-the-shelf small group print curriculum that matches your weekend series theme and then produce your own DVD featuring your pastor to go along with it.  Doesn’t have to be a perfect match.  Close is often good enough.  The DVD can be a very simple, fireside-chat format.  You can even film your own testimony clips to go along with your teaching.
  • Find an off-the-shelf small group curriculum (print and DVD) and build your own message series around the theme.  Many churches have used Lifetogether’s award winning studies in this way.  They feature some of the best known teachers in a format that is very friendly and easy to use.
  • Use some in-house writers and video talent to put your own curriculum together.  Many churches have the talent already, just waiting to be included.
  • Take advantage of the experience of a group like  Our team of seasoned professionals understand the art and the science of developing a DVD-driven curriculum.  You can find out more right here.
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