New Church-Wide Campaigns for Fall 2010

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I post new information about available church-wide campaigns every year.  The latest information is in The Latest on Church-Wide Campaigns (2012).

Whether you’re choosing a church-wide campaign that you’ll use right away or you’re already thinking about fall, 2011, there are three new offerings that you need to add to your list of great options.  The Power of a Whisper, Love at Last Sight and Act Normal all have real potential and should be on your radar.  And unlike 2008 when it seemed like everyone had the same idea (One Month to Live, Live Like You Were Dying, and 30 Days to Live), these three carve out there own unique spot on the easy/hard continuum.

The Power of a Whisper, featuring Bill Hybels and published by Zondervan is designed to help your congregation learn to listen to God for guidance.  As you can imagine, that’s a concept that will mostly appeal to people who are already part of a congregation, but should also be considered a way to engage people who consider themselves Christians but might not be growing the way they’d like to.  From the standpoint of Reveal (Willow Creek’s ground-breaking congregational study), you might look at Whisper as a way to help people who feel stuck spiritually begin to grow closer to Christ.  You can read my full review right here.

Love at Last Sight, featuring Kerry and Chris Shook (Woodlands Church), is designed to help your congregation learn how to deepen their most significant relationships.  Developed as a 5 week experience with downloadable sermon outlines, DVD-driven small group studies, and companion resources for children and teens, an important aspect of this campaign is that this is a topic that will provide an easy invitation for neighbors, friends and family who aren’t already Christians but are longing for a way to grow relationally.  Their previous book and campaign, One Month to Live, was used by churches around the country as a way to help people live life more fully.  You can read my full review right here.

Act Normal is another new campaign that will release this fall* based on a new book by Scott Wilson, senior pastor of The Oaks Fellowship, a multi-site congregation in the Dallas area.  Act Normal: Moving Compassion from Niche to Norm, published by Cross Section and Influence Resources, will provide a path for churches interested in developing an external focus and a way to impact their community.  Wilson’s previous book, Steering Through Chaos received a lot of attention in 2009 when it was published by Zondervan.  This project will no doubt get a lot of traction as churches everywhere try to help their members move from spectator to participant.

Based on the idea that Jesus redefined what was normal in the Sermon on the Mount (where Jesus repeatedly contrasted “You have heard it said” with “I say to you,”) and that Acts depicts what is normal for the church and for Christians, the purpose of this campaign is to motivate (through the book and resources) and mobilize (through the site) people to move towards God’s standard of normal – living spirit-led, compassionate and generous lives.

Act Normal will launch as an adult experience based on a 31 day devotional book, a six session study guide and a 6 session resource DVD.  In addition, will be launched as a platform that will enable churches to create their own branded campaign site. It is a free resource where churches can make serving opportunities available and their congregation can log and track hours of performing acts of compassion.

*Act Normal is expected to be available in early fall.

Looking for an idea that you don’t see?  You’ll find other church-wide campaigns here:

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