New Church-Wide Studies for 2009

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I post new information about available church-wide campaigns every year.  The latest information is in The Latest on Church-Wide Campaigns (2012).

In addition to a handful of classics, there are some new church-wide studies that you’ll want to take a look at.  Here’s the short list:

40 Days of Love, the newest campaign from Saddleback, is fully loaded with everything you’ll need to take the relationship principles of Jesus church-wide.  Be sure and pick up the Campaign Online Access Pass and take advantage of the reduced pricing and coaching that comes with it!

Heaven, based on the best-selling book, is a 7 week study with companion DVD featuring Randy Alcorn.  Produced by Lifetogether Publishing, this study will open your congregation’s eyes to what the Bible really teaches about Heaven…and it’s really different than what most Christians think.

Although the newest studies from the Liquid series are not true church-wide campaigns (there isn’t a prefab set of sermons and a campaign kit), they offer a very compelling opportunity to build your own alignmentThe 10 takes a look at the Ten Commandments with dramatic flair, following the lives of 5 drivers on I-10.  Money Talks is new as well and takes a look at the relationship between money and God, but with a wry, comedic slant.

Need help building a custom church-wide study that meets the needs of your congregation?  Let’s talk!  Email Me to find out more about how to take a great off-the-shelf study and add in all the elements that produce lasting results.

For additional ideas, take a look at my earlier article on the same topic.

(Need help?  Click here to find out about my Church-Wide Campaign Coaching program)

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