Reimagine and Launch a Powerful Church-Wide Campaign in 2022

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There are several reasons that I continue to write about church-wide campaigns*. First, the church-wide campaign strategy continues to be the best way to launch the largest number of new groups and connect the largest number of unconnected people.

Second, spiritual growth happens best when a combination of experiences are all working on the same development need (i.e., sermon topic, small group study, daily devotional, memory verses, etc.).

And third, the alignment aspect of the church-wide campaign strategy is the most productive way to develop congregational unity.

In addition to writing about the church-wide campaign strategy, I also continue to evaluate and rate church-wide campaigns. See also,

Winning the War in Your Mind by Craig Groeschel Is a 2021 Best Campaign and

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I've written a lot on the subject of church-wide campaigns. So much that identifying a top 10 was too difficult.

Here are 16 articles that will help you understand and implement this most powerful strategy.

16 articles that will help you understand and implement a powerful church-wide campaign

An Analysis of the Church-Wide Campaign-Driven Strategy

The Very Best Way to Launch the Largest Number of New Groups

FAQ: What’s the Best Way to Connect the Largest Number of Unconnected People?

7 Powerful Benefits of a Church-Wide Campaign

5 Dangerous Myths about Church-Wide Campaigns

10 Simple Steps to a Great Church-Wide Campaign

Top 10 Reasons Church-Wide Campaigns Fail

Top 10 Reasons Church-Wide Campaigns Miss the Mark

Behind the Scenes: Promote Your Church-Wide Campaign Early and Often

Behind the Scenes: Developing a Timeline for Your Church-Wide Campaign

Behind the Scenes: Preparing for a Church-Wide Campaign

Three Church-Wide Campaign Secrets that Everybody Knows…and Very Few Do

FAQ: When Should We Begin Promoting a Church-Wide Campaign?

What To Do Before You Plan Another Church-Wide Campaign

7 Things You Should Know about the HOST Strategy (for starting new groups)

4 Ingredients of an Effective “Ask” (that Recruits Small Group Members)

*The simplest definition of a church-wide campaign is the alignment of a weekend message series and a study being used by adult group members (often a kids and student version as well). 40 Days of Purpose or Transformed: How God Changes You are two great examples.

Need more help?

If you're planning (or considering) implementing a church-wide campaign in the next year, you will find Maximize Your Church-Wide Campaign very helpful. My 2020 update is a 4 session online video course designed to give you everything you need to achieve maximum results. You can find out more about it right here.

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