FAQ: When Should We Begin Promoting a Church-Wide Campaign?

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I get a lot of questions.  This is a good one and one you need to be thinking about as you plan for your next church-wide campaign.

When should we begin promoting a church-wide campaign?

That is a good question; don't you think? And the answer might be a little different than you've assumed.

My answer? You should begin promoting your church-wide campaign 3 to 5 months before it's scheduled to begin.

Here's an example fall campaign timeline:

  • May 9-10 or May 16-17: Begin mentioning the fall campaign (i.e., by the way, we're already preparing for a message series you're not going to want to miss this September. You're not going to want to miss Transformed: How God Changes You. It's coming on September 19th and 20th. It's going to be a great season here at Canyon Ridge. In fact, if you've got a couple friends and would like to host a Transformed life group, just fill out your contact card and write HOST at the top and drop it in the offering later in the service). See also, Saddleback Changed the Church-Wide Campaign Game Again.
  • June 6-7: Begin mentioning a special packet designed to help your congregation get to know their neighbors. The packet includes a plan to hold a block party on either July 4th or Labor Day (or both). Include invitations, a Top 10 Ways to Have a Great Block Party, and other fun items. The simple form to be filled out when a packet is given out asks for contact info (which will be used to provide follow-up ideas and information).  The follow-up email suggests that the block party host keeps in mind the possibility of hosting a Transformed life group (and invite neighbors and friends from the block party). See also, What Can You Pull Off in 3 Weeks? A Block Party with a Purpose.
  • June and July: Tease the fall campaign in messages, announcements, in your bulletin/program, and on your website. Like a highly anticipated movie scheduled for a fall release, your campaign will benefit from a nicely times reminder or hint (i.e., even a subtle one inserted in your pre-service slides).
  • July 25-26 and August 1-2: Promote the block party kit again and highlight a Labor Day option (i.e., pick up your block party kit at HOST Central on the patio).
  • August 8-9: Begin your main HOST recruiting phase and highlight it exclusively for three weekends (in your pastor's message and in the announcements). See also, Why You Must Make the HOST Ask Three Weeks in a Row and How to Make the HOST Ask.
  • August 29-30 to September 8-9: Promote the importance of attending every weekend of the series and being in a life group that is using the study that goes along with the weekend message series. Give clear instructions for how to connect with a life group. See also, 5 Keys to Getting Everyone Involved in a Church-Wide Campaign and
  • September 19-20: Campaign message series begins.

What do you think? Have a question? Want to argue? You can click here to jump into the conversation.

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  1. brian phipps on April 22, 2015 at 7:52 am

    this is exceptional Mark. We will be implementing this this year for our fall push. Thank you!

  2. markchowell on April 22, 2015 at 10:03 am

    Thanks Brian! Glad you found it helpful.