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You have an idea of where you’d like your small group ministry to go.  It might be a pretty vague idea.  It might be close-your-eyes-and-picture-it accurate.  But you have an idea.

MarkHowellLive is all about helping you get to there…to where you dream of going.

I think getting to there begins with an accurate appraisal of where you actually are right now.  Not wishful thinking.  Not highwater calculations (like how many groups you had in 2004 when your church did 40 Days of Purpose.  None of that.  Instead…the road to there begins with an honest and accurate appraisal of where you are right now.

Want to get to there?  I want to invite you to start by subscribing to my blog.  There are three ways to subscribe and you can do that right here (they’re all FREE).

What does signing up for my blog get you?  Just a steady drip of practical ideas and strategies designed to help you build a small group ministry that works in the 21st Century.  You’ll also find reviews of the latest grouplife curriculum and church-wide campaigns.  Want a taste?  Take a look at some of my favorite posts.

Need to know a little bit more about my background?  Check out my about page or what leading grouplife practitioners or consulting clients are saying about me.  If you need personalized help, the fresh eyes of a strategic outsider…take advantage of my coaching or consulting services.

Whether you’ve never been here before or you’ve found me more than once by searching for a small group ministry related topic…I invite you to sign up to get my updates.  If you’re a small group champion (paid staff or volunteer), you’ll find regular encouragement here.

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