I am about the 21st century.

20th century strategies for connecting people and making disciples…will not get it done.

I help launch, build and sustain thriving small group ministries. I’ve developed a variety of solutions that help churches. Which might help you?

My Blog – MarkHowellLive.com

I post a new article every day (Monday thru Friday). There are over 2100 free articles on a variety of important topics right here on my blog.

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Online Mini-Courses

I’ve discovered that I can develop focused training on many of the most important small group ministry topics and deliver it online. It’s inexpensive and convenient for small group champions everywhere to get the training they need.

I regularly develop short online mini-courses that can be purchased and downloaded, no matter where in the world the purchaser might be.

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Affordable and Convenient Tele-Coaching

Need access to coaching that is customized to your situation? Can’t afford to bring me to your church (or join me here in Las Vegas)?

I offer affordable and convenient coaching and regularly provide it for churches across the country (and even around the world). It’s amazing what can be done over the phone (or Zoom, Skype or FaceTime).

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Every year I take on a limited number of consulting relationships; providing a combination of periodic on-site visits and regular coaching calls. While many churches benefit from a series of coaching calls, some congregations require and greatly benefit from the engagement of a strategic outsider.

Contact me about a consulting relationship with you or your church.

Previous and Current Clients

I have a long list of previous and current clients. It’s very possible that you know some of them.

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